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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  May 11, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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of construction. also north on 95 through harford county at the emmerton road exit that off-ramp is blocking the eastbound lanes of emmerton road and they are in the process of picking up that work zone now. now back to you. >> thanks. at 5:00 this morning, we have heard about it too much. not only here locally but across the nation. we are talking about bullying. a young man is starting with a 600 mile trek to hope to put a stop to it. sherrie johnson explains what it is. >> reporter: we are live in front of the national aquarium. this is one of the stops for no more bullies walk a pennsylvania man is making a 600 mile walk from vanton, pennsylvania -- vanton, pens -- scranton, pens vain yea -- pennsylvania. he teamed up with win-win resolution for the project. goal is to bring awareness to
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the fatal action a bully can set in motion by teasing and harassment. ewing is walking for a pennsylvania teen brandon bitner who committed suicide now termed bullyside because of bullying. he chose chose vanton because in the -- scranton because in the last six months five children have taken their life because of bullying. he will make a stop here at 4 p.m. today. he is going to be talking to parents and children about ways to stop the bullying. reporting hive in downtown baltimore, -- live in downtownbaltimore, sherrie johnson. two easton high school lacrosse players punished after a search their -- search of their bags found a pin knife and lighter. they tried to explain they use these to string the lacrosse sticks and the coaches backed up the story. according to officials, they he violated the schools zero tolerance policy and they were
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taken away from the bus in handcuffs and suspend. graham for ten days and casey for one. >> my teammates have confused and no one knew what was going on. i didn't know what was going on. >> i think the whole situation is ridiculous. >> according to the school's policy a lighter is an explosive device and knife was considered a deadly weapon. the parents said the boys have never been in trouble in school before. and they are looking into taking legal action. during world war ii louise serve as nurse with the toc keying yes airmen and -- toc keying yes airmen and -- tuskegee airmen. space is limited. the cemetery said she could be buried if they delayed the burial. it has been more than a month. >> i am embarrassed and i have to have my mother -- she is refrigerated. that's really hurtful. you know, to see your mom, you know, refrigerated.
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>> johnson has contacked her local congressman -- contacted her local congressman hoping for an extension. a search for a missing elderly baltimore county man comes to a tragic end. rescue crews pulled the body still inside the car from a creek yesterday. a passer-by on pilesville road near the -- pylesville road near the pa border spotted the vehicle. they believe the driver just missed the guardrail. emergency responders doesn't know when the didn't occurred but there's evidence the victim may have died on impact. jackson's family reported him missing on monday and they used a silver alert as part of the warning. it's 5:03. accidents like jackson's may be more common that you think a2006 study found more than 400 people in north america die from submerged vehicles. experts are saying protect yourself should an accident like that happen to you. this morning, linda so is here
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to explain how. linda. >> reporter: well, all you need is a simple tool that won't cost you much. having it in your car and ready to go can save your life. let's take a look at how it works. it's called the life hammer. if you have to get out of your sinking car this will do the trick. hit the corner of the side window and that will basically shat earth glass making a way for you to escape. you can also use it to cut free from your seat belt. the tool is sold on the internet or find it at most home improvement stores costing about 25 bucks. you should keep the life hammer in your car within arm's reach perhaps right on the side door so if there is an emergency you can use it right away. >> you want to put it someplace in your car where it's secured because you want it someplace in arm's reach. you don't want it flying around. >> reporter: now on the website at we have several
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stories. yesterday, jeff did a story on the silver alert and the elderly man who was found in the car. and also, jammy last night at 11 -- jamie, last night at 11, did a life hammer to show us how easy it is to shatter the side window. you want to do, and you will see it in a minute, tapet corner of the window and -- tap the corner of the window and that will shat earth glass making a way for you to get out. it's very easy. you tap the corner of the window, it shatters it and tap your way out. aid life hammer and cost about 25 bucks. it's on the internet or most home improvement stores but you can find that on we are live in the interactive news center, linda so, abc2 news. >> thanks. five minutes after five. soaks media network sites are -- social media network sites are popular. >> facebook is taking heat over
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now "good morning maryland." welcome back. it's 9 minutes after the hour. you have a chance to witness a pretty remarkable sight this morning. >> yes. astronomers say you may be able -- able to see mars jupiter and venus. venus and jupiter is low to the sky and jupiter and mars off to the left. but you may need binoculars and if you can't do it today, you will be able to see it for a while. >> my question is because justin showed. >> he this several weeks ago. is there an app to help you find that in the sky? >> of course there will. >> do you want to go to the app now? >> i am going. >> because don't have it in my hand.yes. there is an app. >> of course there is. >> because don't have it. >> you were playing with it. >> i will have to keep you here
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and show it to you in a couple minutes. look at the east in annapolis. we are continuing to watch the eastern sky. right there toward the left side of the screen, we will try to get the cluster. east near the chesapeake bay eastern shore you have the best shot of seeing that. severn river middle school, 56. humidity is in the mix and towson we have hills off from this vantage point at west towson elementary. it's currently 5 # there. official number 57 in baltimore. and we are looking for a mix of clouds especially west side this morning. and a fair amount of sun mixing with more afternoon clouds. 76 and we will talk about thunderstorms in addition to that app in a moment. here kim brown with traffic. >> reporter: earlier work zones on 95 at emmerton and caton avenue in the process of being picked up. so if you are making your way out of the door any time soon. that won't interfere with your commute this morning. looking live at the beltway,
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695 on the west side at liberty road, traffic is moving at speed. no reported problems or incidents or accidents traveling towards montgomery county route 29 clear from howard and burtonsville and silver spring. megan and charley, back to you. >> thanks a lot. facebook under fire this morning. consumer reports found millions of site users underage. facebook policies don't allow anyone under 13 to use the site. but according to the report, more than 7 million of the networking site users are under 13. consumer -- the consumer report showed most parents weren't concerned with the kid as they used that account. oprah ends her remarkable run on daytime tv. it happens this month. but she may -- >> but she may not be out of the spotlight for long. what she is thinking about doing once the show wraps. [ music ] ♪ no one can take the place of you ♪ >> all right. one more couple sent pack. we have the results on "dancing
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with the stars." if you went to bed early, we will tell you what you missed.
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welcome back on this wednesday morning. here's question for you. -- here's a question for you. who wants a hundred dollars to fill up your tank of gas megan sh. >> i do. >> kim? me. >> justin? >> good. he drives a hybrid. you much watch good morning maryland between 4:30 and 7 for the daily code word. text the word to 46988 or enter online at you must know the code word in order to enter. we will pick the name each day at 3:30 in the afternoon and announce the winner on abc2 news at 11. >> maybe if a free gas card is not your thing maybe a dream home. this is in pasadena. not so many walls, though. 9700 square feet river front house, a lot of glass. look at this. this home used to belong to the founder of merit athletic clubs
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and after an attempt to sell it for nearly $8 million it failed. so the estate is trying to auction it off. i was told -- was told we don't have pictures of it. we'll see if we can get them on four bedrooms and four baths, pool and volleyball court pier and private beach and the house is going on the auction block june 3rd. suggested opening bid is 3 1/2 million dollars. >> get me my checkbook. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. 5:16. i want that gas card so i can save my money for the house. the app that charley mentioned, there's a look at it. it is star walk. this is hard to see, but needless to say, you can get a glimpse of what the planets look like and we will get you another look right now. we don't have the lights as bright in the weather center. we are looking at a slice across the skys with clouds off to the north and west. we are generally looking at thunderstorms on back towards
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the west. really flared up in the mountains and down towards the carolinas overnight. a different story towards the east. overhead, from baltimore through annapolis, eastern shore, we have ourselves clear skies looking off to the east. if you have the clear view, look east you will get a chance to see the cluster of planets. let's pull this back a little wider. see that? there is the conveyor belt of moisture coming from ohio and continuing to feed off itself. this little cluster right here, a little complex you see the cluster flare-up. it locks like cauliflower with a nice knot the moisture in the middle pushing off the coastline. that's an impressive push and a sign we have a stagnant atmosphere. warm humid air mass and we have the ring of fire with showers and thunderstorms and we are on the edge of the cloud being thrown out ahead of that. you can see that impressive low pressure off the north atlantic that is trying to keep us in a relatively quiet pattern. there's the general flow.
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you can see the showers and storms off toward the west. we will be watching them edge closer to us for the next couple days. we should stay protected but as we continue to pile in an eastern wend, we pile in more moisture. and maybe an isolated thunderstorm in the next couple days. and overnight, patchy fog. also, we have got high water pushing up across the chesapeake. there's a coastal flood advisory if you live on the western shores of the chesapeake because of high water at high tide. there's the flare-up of cloud that diminish and come back and that will be in and out of the clouds with showers and storms locked to the west. at least as this model projects it. but i think there may be an increased threat of isolated thundershowers the next couple days, not today. the coastal flood advisory with the east wind. a partly cloudy day, 76. tonight, down into the 50s. another mild one with patchy morning fog. the rest of the weaning, isolated showers, -- week, isolated showers. we have a lot of races this weekend, and there will be
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scattered showers. i am not expecting a washout. afternoon temperatures near 70. kim. >> reporter: justin, mta is reporting no service delayson or interruption with the local bus, -- delays or interruption was local bus, commuter or mobility services. no reported accidents and if you look at the cameras across the beltway, 695 at providence, traffic is moving well. no delays making your way down the 83s from belfast towards the beltway, 95 also looking good in both directions. going to the maps, again, right now, problem and incident free. everything looks good as you make your way out the door. 795 south pound lanes wide open coming from -- southbound lanes wide open coming from reisterstown. 19 minutes after five. time for entertant news this morning. -- entertainment news this morning. oprah wraps up the show in two weeks. you might wonder what is next for her? apparently she wants to appear on broadway.
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that's what she is telling the chicago tribune. she tells the newspaper she has a stack of plays she is looking at right now. he will be back again. neil patrick harris suiting up for the 65th annual tony awards. he won and emmy for hosting efforts the first time. he got an emmy for that? the ceremony airs on june 12th. and the most famous newly weds on the planet are on their honeymoon. prince william and his wife kate are reportedly vacationing at a resort on remote island near the indian ocean. they tied the knot nearly two weeks ago. elimination time. romeo the latest celebrity to be voted offch the actor and rap are's exit was a surprise -- rapper's exweight as surprise because many -- exit
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was a surprise because many thought ralph macchio would be exited. >> i didn't start the beginning of the season but i was one of the kids afraid to dance. but i turned down a lot of movies because of that and having somebody come in and teach me and have me more open minded about dancing, it definitely helped me out in life in general. >> the remaining contestants ralph macchio and kirstie alley and chelsea kane and hines ward will battle it out. making baltimore a healthier place to live and work. here with the -- hear what the mayor's proposition is to help residents to start thinking and work towards a healthier lifestyle. what consumer reports say is the best diet for positive results.
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5:24. health news for you. anest to make baltimore a
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healthier one. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake is promoting a healthier baltimore by 2015. the initiative focuses on 10 priority areas to promote healthy living. some goals include reducing drug and alcohol lose lowering death rates from heart disease and getting teen pregnancy rate down and getting more people involved in exercising. >> we want everyone in baltimore to have a long and productive life. and the health of our citizens is fundamental to making baltimore an even more vibrant and prosperous city. >> the mayor says the initiative will go beyond traditional health measures and the city will work with agencies, hospitals and foundations and local business towards meeting the goal. if you are thinking about losing weight, consumer reports wants you to know how it feels about the most popular diet plans. according to a study, the magazine found jenny craig is the best choice because people stuck to the diet longer and they got better results.
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slim fast second thanks to their shake for breakfast and another for lunch and 500 calorie dinner. simplicityet in next. weight watchers and adkins and zone diet. head injuries during games such as football games can be the focus and has been the focus of recent studies. >> coming up, after a decade long study, which helmet is said tonight one that can prevent major head injuries. and one of the physical of its kind. why there's no one behind the wheel of that car. first, up to new york for this morning's tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites good news for movie fans android use kers rent movies from the android market for two dollars and youtube is make $3,000 -- 3,000 major hollywood films for rent from 3 to $4. the first device to come out of the hp palm merger goes on sale sunday. the hp veer is small but the wall street journal katy explains the phone's operating
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system is what sets it apart. >> it lets you multitask. and you can easily see all of your different programs running at the same time. it plays flash in the browser which is something that ael's operating -- apple's operating system doesn't dough. it's designer foe -- do. it's designer focus and smooth and doesn't feel geeky. >> reporter: the veer cost about $100. those are your tech bites, i am rob nelson.
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now "good morning maryland." fighting the war on terror. will osama bin lad ann death lead to a -- laden's death lead to a change in policy. >> reporter: a pennsylvania man makes a 600-mile walk to
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educate folks on bullying. coming, he makes a stop in baltimore. i will tell you how to help. and flooding along the mississippi delta continues pushing south threatening cities in mississippi and louisiana. but the water left behind is creating some new dangers. we will tell you where and how on this wednesday, may 11th, good morning, i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. the weekend is coming up. you want to find out about the weather? justin, keep it coming. it has been gorgeous. >> we have been blessed with fantastic weather. some of the best weather all year long. clear skies near baltimore looking to the east. i will show you another view from the app where you can see the alignment of the planets. mars mercury and venus and jupiter for the brightest planets in the solar system clustered together that you can cover up with your hand. if you can see it off to the east, this is towson. we have a hill in the way. that's actually probably just below the free line. let's see if we have another ountage point to try to check


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